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What is Wellness?

The way we live is changing. Smart technology is having a profound impact on our lifestyles and our mobiliy. We’re more connected online, but less healthy then we have ever been. We have less ‘wellness’ than we should.

The proliferation of ‘social’ media has had the inverse effect; we’re less social and less happy with less genuine connection, lifestyle diseases are increasing in record numbers and our sense of community is low.

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Western Wellness

There are many different models of wellness, and to date, there is no one commonly accepted definition. At a basic level, wellness has been equated with health, and in Western society, health has generally been determined by the absence of disease.

Much of Western medicine concentrates on how to treat symptoms of a disease, and is quite reductionist in nature; breaking the body down into individual systems rather than treating the body as a whole. Think of a range with negative-ten being disease, zero being the absence of disease, and positive-ten being optimal wellness. In Western medicine, the best that you can expect to achieve is zero.

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A New Shift

However, a shift away from the disease-model towards optimal wellness is happening. In 1992, the World Health Organisation stepped away from the disease model by defining health as:

a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ 

Wellness is the way to get beyond zero. It focuses on how to live optimally, and uses holistic rather than reductionist ways to achieve optimal living. As we grow increasingly stressed and timepoor, taking the time to focus on being ‘well’ is more important now than ever.

We are currently developing a wellness framework and a range of educational materials and programmes to allow anyone to better understand wellness, what it is, and how it is integral to everything we do.

Check back soon!

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