Ethical Investment

Ethical Investment

Living Joy Property Development uses ethical investment, values sustainability and delivers financial returns.

Our population is increasing, and the demographic is changing. Big houses are no longer what most people want. Instead, we want lifestyle housing, and eco-living made easy.

executed properly, eco-houses are popular, profitable and marketable, and eco‑tech is finally becoming affordable.

Ethical investment is a cornerstone of what we do.

There is a gap in the market for smart, sustainable houses, and that is the gap that we are positioned to fill.

Ethical Investment Opportunities and Sustainability

Ethical Investment and Sustainability

For savvy property investors and venture capitalists, who are dissatisfied with their current return on investment and their environmental impact, our sustainable property development company has a great rate of return. Ethical investment with us gives you the chance to be involved in exciting projects. Unlike other developments where you get in at the end, with us, you can invest at the beginning, in a growth market, with a positive impact on the environment.

We mix ethics with business to create a socially responsible and conscious company that does good in the world. We’re proud of what we do. If you’re only concerned about the numbers, and you don’t value the environment nor leaving a legacy, then this will not be a good match.

But, for those of you with whom we are a good fit, who believe that you can make money as part of the solution and not the problem, together, we will be able to create something amazing.

Ethical Investment and Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism

Living Joy is run by qualified experts. We love what we do, we’re very good at it, and we make serious money.

Also, you can sleep easy, knowing that your money is not only growing, it is also literally shaping a better world.

At Living Joy, we love making ethical investors more money.

We do that by building amazing, in-demand wellness oriented and sustainable real estate developments in desirable locations where people want to live.
Our clients love working with us because they make serious ethical money in a company run by professionals. Right now, both interest and investment in sustainable living and wellness are increasing dramatically.

Living Joy createss indefectable real estate developments that value sustainability, wellness and financial returns. In fact, wellness real estate developments are projected to attract a price premium of between 10-25% above non-wellness developments.

That’s a serious increase.

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