Director of Opportunity and Co-Founder

Hello there! My name is Alice, and I am the Director of Opportunities at Living Joy Property Development. I’m originally from Adelaide, and I’ve lived in Darwin, Chile, Canberra and Sydney on my way up to beautiful Newcastle, which is where my fiancé and fellow founder, the energy‑efficiency guru Tibor Grubits, and I are based.

We founded Living Joy in 2012 because we’re passionate about sustainability, smart lifestyle design and wellness (wellness being the active choice to live a better and more fulfilling life). However, we also love business, and we aren’t afraid to shake up the way things are done in our industry.

We have a great property development model with completed and current projects, and we are expanding healthily across Australia. Slowly but surely, we’re incorporating more and more sustainable features into each development. One of our favourite things to do is to design according to urban permaculture principles by capturing water onsite and using native, edible plants to create easy, regenerative living.

By profession, I am a lawyer, and so our niche is to use creative ways to develop land sustainably, focusing on smart, beautiful and sustainable residential townhouses. We particularly like working with land owners to develop their land. Together, we can do so much more.

In the future, we will build true wellness houses; houses that make both you and the land healthier just by living in them. We’re also working on some further education around sustainable living and lifestyle design, so keep an eye out for that!

On the weekends, if I’m not on the property inspections cycle, you will find me hiking in the wilderness, playing on the beach with our puppy or practicing yoga at one of Newcastle’s beautiful yoga studios.

I’m really excited that you’ve stopped by, and we’d love to keep in contact with you. Please feel free to sign up for our newsletter and sneak peeks of our latest projects, or follow us on social media at LivingJoyOnline.



Alice’s Qualifications

Diploma in Languages

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Master of Wellness (Current)

Permaculture Designer


tibor legendary 2

Director of Design and Co-Founder

Hello! My name is Tibor, and I am the Director of Design at Living Joy Property Development. I am originally from Sydney, and after a spell at the Building Codes Board down in Canberra, I have relocated up to the sunny shores of Newcastle.

Alice and I founded Living Joy in 2012 because we knew that there was a better way to build houses. We are both really passionate about using smaller spaces well, and optimising lifestyle design within the property development spaces. Currently, we’re working within what the market has dictated, but we are also increasingly moving outside the mould to make smaller, more sustainable spaces feel ultimately more spacious and liveable.

I have travelled extensively to research different types of housing and I have applied that knowledge to the various building materials available to us in urban, Australian landscapes. My great interest is in energy efficiency and microgeneration; generating energy either onsite or close by. I’m watching the latest technological advances with great interest, and very much looking forward to using that in some of our designs.

Professionally, I am a Design Scientist specialising in energy efficiency in buildings. Having worked both at the Australian Building Codes Board and the NSW Department of Planning, I have been fortunate to understand how it all works from a big-picture perspective. Now, we are applying this to individual developments, and it is all very exciting.

When I’m not scoping out sites or working on designs, you will find me recharging out in nature, drinking coffee at some of Newcastle’s excellent cafes, or at a yoga class with the lovely Alice.

Thank you for stopping by! We would love to have you as part of our community. Please feel welcome to subscribe to our newsletter where we share our new projects and some great information, or to follow us on social media at LivingJoyOnline.



Tibor’s Qualifications

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Science (Computing Science) (Honours)

Master of Design Science (Building Services)